You are a foreigner getting married to a Vietnamese citizen but still don’t clearly know the procedures? What documents are needed for marriage registration in Vietnam? How to get a marriage registration in Vietnam? It is all here updated by

So the non-Vietnamese passport holder will first of all have to submit the required papers for marriage registration in person or by mail to the Vietnam Consulate in New York, before doing those at the Department of Justice in Vietnam where their partner is residing.

Basic documents required for marriage registration in Vietnam

As it mentioned above, documents need to be authenticated at the Consulate of Vietnam in New York before taking to the authority in Vietnam for application. The list of basic papers includes:

  • Application form for marriage registration;
  • Single commitment. The Vietnamese partner can get the affidavit of single status from the People’s Committee where he or she resides while the foreigner can get it from the competent agency in their own country.
  • Certificate of No-marriage records issued by the State or the County authority in the US with the validity of 6 months from the date of issue to the date of submission. This certificate will confirm there is no marriage license or marriage record of the applicant has been issued from the mature age of marriage; or from the time the applicant divorced until present; or from his or her spouse’s death until present;
  • Certificate of Good Mental Health. This is especially important, clarifying that the applicant has no mental illness, and can fully take responsibility for his or her own behaviors;
  • Sheet of Biographic Information;
  • Certified of the copy of passport information page.

Please be noted that apart from the No-marriage record, all the documents will have to be certified by the Notary Public or the relevant authorities first. The State Department will then certify the signature of the Notary Public, or Registra, or Court’s Clerk before getting the verifying from the Consulate.

Supporting documents for divorced and widowed applicants

Beside those required basic documents, divorced and widowed sides will need to add one of these things:

  • Authenticated Judgment of Divorce;
  • Authenticated Copy of the Death Certificate of his/her deceased spouse;

Notes: All papers must be notarized, or certified and authenticated by the Secretary of State.

How to Get Documents Authenticated at the Vietnam Consulate in New York

The applicant can bring all papers in person to the office of Vietnam Consulate in New York or by mail to have them processed.

The processing time can be from 3 – 5 working days but you can request for the same-day process with an extra fee so please contact the office for details.

The results can be obtained at the office or, you can choose the return-mail service with a prepaid, self-addressed envelope.

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