Vietnam in the recent years has been well known for being a favorable and perfect place for working, therefore it’s no doubt that there are increasing numbers of foreigners coming to Vietnam for work. Let’s find out together job opportunities as well as required documents for legally working in Vietnam via this following post.

Why should you move to Vietnam for work?

There are hundreds of reasons advising you to move to Vietnam for working, or even residing, but Vietnam-visa just mentions the typical answers as below:

  • The country is blessed with stunning sceneries, incredible cuisines, etc. so expats can spend time exploring the country after tired working time;
  • Being a developing country also means Vietnam now is receiving investment projects and is fully facilitated for economic growth, bringing unlimited attractive working opportunities;
  • Honestly, the living standard and living costs here in Vietnam to a foreigner is reasonable or even luxurious than any other developed countries. For example, just by earning $1.000 or $2.000 per month, an expat can enjoy a happy life in Vietnam, so why not move?
  • Updated healthcare system: this might be a wonder to foreigners in years ago but now the problem is completely solved when numerous international hospitals are built up, ensuring the highest quality to the patients in terms of facilities, teams of medical doctors, and so on;

Job Opportunities for Foreigners in Vietnam

It can be seen that Vietnam is a great choice for foreigners to reside, but what can they do for a living? Check out the suggested list to see what is suitable for you.

English teachers

The demand for learning English with native speakers is rising, so if you are citizens of English-speaking country and owing the certificate of teaching foreign language, then finding a good job is not difficult at all

Online freelancer

This field is very large as there are many things a freelancer can do online as long as you are qualified for the job. It can be mentioned to online digital marketing, content producers, freelance designers. Moreover, if you are good at multitasking management, it is no problem to take on 2 or even up to 3 online jobs at the same time to increase your income.

Travel bloggers/ youtubers

One trending job that the young are interested in nowadays is being travel bloggers, or youtubers, reviewers, etc. Committing to this field means you will have chances to travel to all places in Vietnam, experiencing more fascinating things while still can earn money by providing genuine reviews for hotels/ resorts, being affiliates, or making videos.

However, being a travel blogger also requires you to move a lot, so well prepare for good health!

Required Documents to Work legally in Vietnam

You already find out the reasons why you should move to Vietnam as well as trending jobs for foreigners to work in the country. But how can you work legally here? Do you need to submit any document to the authority and get their approval? The answer is yes!

If you are working in Vietnam for a long time, a legitimate, valid working permit is a must, or you will be fined or be subjected to other penalties following by Vietnamese law. Please be noted that foreigners can’t apply for a working permit by themselves, but via sponsoring company where they are working for, or via a Vietnam service provider.

Even obtaining the working permit via the guarantor or an agency, here is the list of required documents you should be aware of:

  • Application form for working permit in Vietnam (form No. 7 issued together with the Circular No. 40/2016/TT-BLDTBXH);
  • Health check certificate;
  • Criminal records issued within 180 days by the authority. For those who have stayed more than 6 months in Vietnam, both Vietnamese criminal record & the criminal record from their host country are requested;
  • Certified copy of highest certificate/degree;
  • Confirmation of working experience from former employers;
  • Copy of passport and valid Vietnam visa;
  • Certificate which allows the employer to use foreign workers from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs or the People’s Committee where the employer resides.
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Business Registration from the Employer’s side;
  • 02 4*6cm (passport-sized) photos;
  • Valid employment contract (issued by Vietnamese employers);

Now, let’s check out how to get a Vietnam work permit.